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【zk168.com - 暑假作業答案】

“活到老,學到老”,雖然放暑假了,確實應該好好放松一下,不過可不能忘了暑假作業,要記得把學過的知識鞏固一下。下面華考范文網小編整理了2016年六年級英語暑假作業參考答案(人教版) ,暫未更新的作業答案大全則參考以前的年度,具體情況請以當年暑假作業為準。以下內容均來源于網絡,僅供參考,希望能夠幫到大家。四年級數學暑假作業答案

P1 a e d b c f i, g j j k h, n p s t, m o r q

P2 B C C B C, must must mustn’t mustn’t mustn’t must

P3 B B B B A

P4 They don’t always write on the blackboard.

Do they always write on the blackboard?

She doesn’t read the newspaper in the evening.

Does she read the newspaper in the evening?

Mary doesn’t go to bed at about 9:30 in the evening.

Does Mary go to bed at about 9:30 in the evening?

My mum doesn’t often get e-mail form her friends.

Does my mum often get e-mail form her friends?

P5 from/in about past/to to over G F E D A B C J K H I N L M

P6 usually, seldom, never, sometimes, always, often, making toys, make cake, Excuse me,

would like, waste water

P7 B A A C A B C A A A D C E A B

P8 My name, from, I’m, get up, past/to, from, to, to, ends, get home, do my

homework, have dinner, watch TV, go to bed, How/What about you, Best wishes

There are four people in my family. They my father, my mother, my brother and I. My father is a teacher. He teacher English in a school. He like reading books. My nother is a teacher of Chinese. She like cooking. My brother is a little schoolboy. He is eight years old. He like playing games. I’m twelve. I like singing and dancing.

playing football, like collecting stamps, in interesting in sing, an interesting hobby,

playing basketball

P9 B B A A B B B C A A

P10 F F T T T 短文略

P11 C A B C B C A B A C

P12 B A A C A C B C A A

P13 collecting, has, fifth, to give, keep, leaves, carefully, doesn’t go, them, is reading

G C I H A B F J D E, September ninth, hobby drawing/painting, glass juice,

grandmother/grandma yesterday, How holiday

P14 A B A B A, Three. Father and son.

P15 Does, like, does, will go/is going, Don’t shout, get, is, is running, runs, listen, finish, are,

are having, does, did May 1st, Sunday, 4:00 pm, My home

P16 C B B A A, No smoking. China.

P17 them, dresses, Turn off, twins’, two, T F F F T

P18 B C B B B

P19 What does Mr Li do?

Where do they work?

How is Miss Li going to work tomorrow?/ When is Miss Li going to work by car?

Is John a basketball player?

Does your mother work in a hospital?

Go straight along this street. You will see it on your left.

me, got, to , take, bus, stop


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