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首頁 > 學習方法 > 寒假作業答案 > 2017年小學六年級英語寒假作業答案大全


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I. 1. B, have 2. B, watching 3. C, in 4. A, She’s II. 1-5BABCC 6-10ABBAC III. Kerry’s, years, England, teaches, number IV. 1-5 CBABC


I. 1-5ABADD II. 略 III. 1. (1)from (2)about (3)at (4)to (5)at (6)in (7)by (8)with (9)with/about/to/of (10)from 2. (1)playing (2)obey (3)ask (4)open (5)goes (6)have (7)do (8)paint (9)drawing (10)flying IV. does…do…plays; does…works…office; playing the piano


I. 略 II. 略 III. I get up at six-thirty. My father gets up at six. My mother and my sister get up at seven. IV. 1-6ABCAAC V. 1-5 TTFTF


I. 略 II. Women’s Day-- March 8th Children’s Day-- June 1st Tree Planting Day-- March 12th Teachers’ Day-- September 10th Labour Day --May 1st New Year’s Day-- January 1st Father’s Day-- the third Sunday in June National Day--October 1st Thanksgiving Day-- the fourth Thursday of November Mother’s Day-- the second Sunday in May Christmas Day-- December 25th III. 1. from…to 2. in 3. playing 4. collecting 5. like 6. waters 7. has 8. is 9. at 10. What IV. 2-3-4-1-5 V. 1-5 T F FTT VI. 略


I. 1-5CBACB 6-8CBA II. 略 III. planting flowers—種花 drawing—畫畫 collecting stamps—集郵 playing volleyball—打排球 singing—唱歌 playing basketball—打籃球 IV. comes, goes, says, friendly, all, 1. F 2. F 3. T 4. F V. 1-5 ABCBC


I. 1. your, My, that 2. that, He 3. She, your, she 4. that, He, his, He II. 1-6DBACFE III. 1. What is your hobby? 2. Is Li Yan good at drawing? 3. My father doesn’t work in a factory. 4. Your mother is interested in(likes) cooking. 5. What is your father’s hobby? IV. speak, speaking, This, doing, watching V. 略


I. 1. H 2. G 3. D 4. F 5. C 6. B 7.A 8. E II. 1. should 2. carefully 3. take good care of 4. gets up 5. hobby 6. interested in 7. like 8. go out 9. reading 10. growing vegetables III. 1-5AACCB 6-10CBBBC IV. 略


I. 1. May 2. play with 3. green 4. sleep 5. longer, longer 6. playing 7. flying 8. sometimes

II. 1-5BBCAB 6-9ACCC III. 1-5EDABC IV. playing tennis; swimming; playing tab ble tennis; fishing V. 1-5 TFFFF


I. 略 II. triangle, square, rectangle, round/circle III. 1-5BCBCC 6-10AABCA 11-14ABCA IV. 1-5BBBCB 6-10BBCAB V. Name


I. 略 II. 1. see, sea 2. their, there 3. right

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